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    You Will Never Be Able To Unsee Venom With Eyes

    This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

    So last week we were given another look at Tom Hardy's character in Venom, thanks to the film's newest trailer.

    And look how ridiculously spine-chilling Venom is JUST in the trailer!

    Like seriously, WTF?!?

    The horror could have ended there, but Twitter user @MatthewGaydos asked the question, "But what if Venom had eyes" and not the question, "Should Venom have eyes?"

    Twitter: @MatthewGaydos / Via Twitter: @MatthewGaydos

    Now doesn't this just get rid of the nightmare we had before and replace it with a brand new one that quite frankly ISN'T MUCH BETTER?

    This is what happens when someone tries to play God.

    Although some fans were NOT here for this creation:

    Twitter: @danielleradford / Via Twitter: @danielleradford

    In true internet fashion, other fans had some fun of their own:

    Twitter: @AngelDare95 / Via Twitter: @AngelDare95

    @MatthewGaydos Me looking at food after an exhausting day

    Twitter: @IceSnipe / Via Twitter: @IceSnipe
    Twitter: @Webhead1962 / Via Twitter: @Webhead1962

    @MatthewGaydos Do you have any games on your phone?

    Twitter: @tspofbrownsugar / Via Twitter: @tspofbrownsugar

    This alien symbiote with eyes is one of those things in life you can not unsee. So sleep well tonight.