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    Here's What Polly Pockets Would Look Like If They Were US States, And Yes, I'm Starting My Campaign To Get Mattel To Actually Make These

    I want to shrink down and live inside Maryland, TBH.

    If you grew up in the '90s or '00s, then chances are you remember Polly Pocket.

    A Polly Pocket play set

    Well, I was curious to see what each US state would look like if it were magically turned into a Polly Pocket play set, and thanks to an AI image generator, I was able to find out.

    1. Alabama

    Houses surrounded by lots of tall trees, with a barn and car

    2. Alaska

    Lots of pine trees with snow and moose

    3. Arizona

    Lots of red rock, golf, a pool, and cacti

    4. Arkansas

    Trees, a winding river, and chickens

    5. California

    Palm trees, a pool, cars, and the Golden Gate Bridge

    6. Colorado

    A winding river, snowcapped mountains, trees, and cabins

    7. Connecticut

    A colonial house, autumnal trees, and a pool

    8. Delaware

    A lighthouse, a river with boats, and trees

    9. Florida

    Amusement rides, water rides, and palm trees

    10. Georgia

    Many trees, gazebo, and plantation

    11. Hawaii

    Palm trees, boats in water, beach scene

    12. Idaho

    Lots of trees and winding river hills

    13. Illinois

    Skyscrapers and beach scene, and bus

    14. Indiana

    Lots of highways and small trees, low buildings, trucks

    15. Iowa

    Lots of trees, farmland and farm equipment, barns, human figures

    16. Kansas

    Lots of trees and sunflowers

    17. Kentucky

    Horses at a rodeo, human figures, trees, and low buildings, stores

    18. Louisiana

    Small town scene, pools, palm trees

    19. Maine

    Lots of water and boats, rocky areas, small houses, cars, tall trees

    20. Maryland

    Brightly lit houses close together and water with boat

    21. Massachusetts

    Autumnal trees and houses of different sizes

    22. Michigan

    Lots of pine trees with bridge/harbor with boats in the background

    23. Minnesota

    Snowy scene with trees and people at a pool and town in the background

    24. Mississippi

    Lots of foliage and a body of water

    25. Missouri

    A city scene with the Gateway Arch

    26. Montana

    A mountain backdrop with trees and a body of water

    27. Nebraska

    Many trees, fields, and low buildings

    28. Nevada

    Brightly lit, colorful buildings and a pool

    29. New Hampshire

    Lighthouses, smaller buildings, and a body of water

    30. New Jersey

    Amusement park, beach scene, and a mix of buildings

    31. New Mexico

    Cactus plants, adobe-type buildings, and vehicles

    32. New York

    Tall buildings, movie theater, a taxi, and people walking

    33. North Carolina

    Bright sun, body of water, houses on a hill, lighthouse

    34. North Dakota

    Red rock and river

    35. Ohio

    Sparse scene with small trees, vehicles, and road

    36. Oklahoma

    Animals alongside a body of water, small trees

    37. Oregon

    Tall trees, small buildings, and road

    38. Pennsylvania

    Bridges, a large body of water, buildings, mountains, and trees

    39. Rhode Island

    A rocky coastline, a lighthouse, small buildings on a hill, and trees

    40. South Carolina

    Pastel houses in a town and vehicles, a few trees and people

    41. South Dakota

    Hills, trees, roads, and Mount Rushmore

    42. Tennessee

    Brightly lit city scene and smaller, brightly lit buildings, a stadium, some trees and vehicles

    43. Texas

    Large animals, roads, and town scene

    44. Utah

    Red rock and canyons, pool, small trees

    45. Vermont

    Pine trees, small buildings, some people, and vehicles

    46. Virginia

    Government-type buildings, low trees, and water

    47. Washington

    Lots of trees, the Space Needle, mountains, tall buildings, and vehicles

    48. West Virginia

    A bridge, a river, lots of trees, a small building, and a few people

    49. Wisconsin

    Low trees, a road, small buildings, animals

    50. Wyoming

    Lots of trees, ponds, hills/rocks

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