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Tell Me About A Time Your Attraction To Someone Totally Vanished Based On One Thing They Did

Unfortunately, the world's top scientists have yet to find a cure for the ick.

We all know that rush of excitement and giddiness when you find a new crush.

Buuuuut, we also all know that feeling when the person you are convinced is the one (or at least for now) does something that gives you the ick so bad all those feelings VANISH.

Maybe you were out on a date and the way they treated your server at a restaurant was so appalling you could never look at them the same way again.

Or maybe you thought you were super into them until you saw their social media was full of videos of them singing directly to camera.

Or maybe everything was going great until you hung out with them around their friends, and they started making bad jokes and acting like they were still in college.

So, I'm coming to you, the BuzzFeed Community, looking for your stories about a time your crush went from 😍 to 😬. And because there's literally nothing more fun to talk about than crushes, don't leave out any of the details plz!

You can tell me your story in the comments below OR you can submit anonymously using this Google Form.

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