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    40 Reasons Why "Double, Double, Toil & Trouble" Is What You Need This Halloween

    Two, two Cloris Leachmans in one!

    Seriously, this 1993 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie was their second straight-to-video feature. And it has everything:

    1. Pin the tail on the donkey.

    2. Bobbing for apples.

    3. Pumpkin carving.

    Way to go with that nose, Mary-Kate.

    4. And thus, adorable jack-o'-lanterns...

    5. And racist ones!

    6. A British butler who appears to have had a lobotomy.

    7. A clown.

    8. And of course...

    9. Witches!

    10. Played by not one, but two Cloris Leachmans.

    11. The evil version of whom makes this face.

    12. Epic hair tossing and/or spinning.

    13. A black cat.

    14. Oh hai, Will Truman.

    15. A very scared Mr. Gravedigger*.

    16. Full House references.

    17. Croquet!

    18. Really bad wigs.


    20. Homeless jokes!

    21. Magic.

    22. Including the kind that turns people into small animals.

    23. Plus, magic words you've never heard of before!

    24. A mirror of shame/doom.

    25. And a fun house one, too!

    26. A really badass vehicle.

    27. Fortune tellers and crystal balls.

    28. A very creepy house.

    29. Evil laughter (complete with pointy hat and broom).

    30. (Also, did you know shoe leather doubles as hair dye?)

    31. Weird freaking eyebrows.

    32. Martin Short as Dracula!

    33. Sweet facepaint.

    34. A cauldron.

    35. Goblins!

    36. A witches' gathering.

    37. Dark shadows.

    38. Mystery solving (courtesy of dessert).

    39. Locked door hacks.

    40. And finally, a physical fight where good triumphs over evil (and Cloris Leachman pushes herself around).