What Miley’s Best Friend Lesley Said About Her VMA Performance

She can probably wait to see it again.

The dust has settled a bit on Miley’s VMA performance.

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And we’ve seen those less than enthused reactions.

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But those closest to Miley seemed to approve. Like her mom:

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And her dad:

But what about Lesley Patterson, her former childhood best friend?

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They met cheerleading in Tennessee.

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And stayed friends throughout their early teen years, like when Sidekicks were a thing.

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Lesley was so important to Miley that she name dropped her in the chorus of her 2008 hit “See You Again.”

Many thoughts were running through our heads on Sunday night while watching Miley’s infamous performance. But one question remained: “Is Miley’s best friend Lesley saying, ‘Oh, she’s just being Miley’?”

But actually, it was more like this:

Though she does appreciate your concern.


Note: @The_Lesley has since deleted her Twitter comments.

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