29 Reasons "The Voice" Won't Be The Same Without Cee Lo

    The original coach has announced he won't be returning to the NBC series. For many reasons, this is less than Purrrfect, you guys.

    1. He's regal and flawless.

    2. But also playful and fun.

    3. There is only one head this shiny.

    4. And he needs a handheld fan to keep it as such.

    5. His chair dancing is epic.

    6. His team performances are just spectacular.

    Even if they were usually '70s-inspired.

    7. As are his performances with his finalists.

    8. Even though his feedback's never practical, it's always deep.

    9. He and Christina Aguilera could not be cuter as coaches in crime.

    10. And his bromance with Blake Shelton is adorable.

    11. And he reinvented Blake's notorious finger point.

    12. Of course, he introduced us to Purrrfect the Cat.

    13. And his cockatoo Lady Bird.

    (And their accompanying Twitter feud.)

    Hey @PurrfectTheCat, look who I'm with: http://t.co/9yuKgU0A Happy #Caturday, hayyy! (*v*) <3

    14. And Tiny.

    15. And Little Richard.

    16. And the best-named llama of all time.

    17. Seeing him without his glasses never ceases to surprise you.

    18. And he's also a dragon sometimes.

    19. He's in tight with the Muppets.

    20. And he makes dreams come true.

    21. His ensembles are out of this world.

    22. And he finds fashion inspiration any and everywhere.

    23. His wig game is also superior.

    (And he knows it.)

    24. Despite his adorable little arms, he's always going for the knee-slapper.

    25. And the fact that his feet don't reach the floor is just amazing.

    26. Of course, he makes all the other coaches crack up.

    27. But he's also not afraid to cry.

    28. Basically, he steals the show.

    29. Because, as Adam Levine once said, "There’s only one Cee Lo Green, ladies and gentlemen."