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Get A First Look At The New Man In Julia's Life On "Parenthood"

And it's Pam's former fiancé from The Office!

On last week's Parenthood premiere, we met Peet (Lost vet Sonya Walger).


She's the architect that will be working with Joel (Sam Jaeger) for two years. And though many thought she'd be flirting with Joel, she seemed to be eyeing Julia (Erika Christensen) at dinner.


This week, we'll meet Ed (The Office alum David Denman), a recently unemployed stay-at-home dad who Julia gets stuck with on a volunteer project at Victor and Sydney's school.

Get an exclusive first look at his first encounter with Julia below:


As for what we should expect...

"On any other show, [Peet and Joel] would be making out wildly in her second appearance," Jaeger told TVLine. "We'll see [Joel and Julia's marriage] be tested, but not in an obvious way. It's just a relationship that's starting to fray a little bit."

Tune in to find out what happens with Ed, Julia, Joel, and Peet on Parenthood, Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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