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    Nov 7, 2014

    23 Reasons Connor Is The Best Part Of "How To Get Away With Murder"

    "This works on women as well as men."

    1. He's not afraid to say what he thinks.

    2. And he knows what's important.

    3. He knows how to juggle.

    4. And he makes good use of his time.

    5. He's the king of shade.

    6. He's deep.

    7. He is an epic eye-roller.

    8. And eyebrow-raiser.

    9. He keeps calm in stressful situations.

    10. He looks this good drinking.

    11. This is how he looks in black.

    ABC via

    12. And this is how he looks wet.

    13. Basically, his sexiness knows no bounds.

    14. Because he has some sort of voodoo penis.

    15. His sex faces are otherwordly.

    16. He also has a great sense of humor.

    17. And he has forever changed the way you look at a copy room.

    18. Have a memory block? No problem. Connor can fix it.

    19. Plus, he can be playful.

    20. He's not afraid to admit his feelings.

    21. And he "actually" knows what it means to feel guilty.

    22. He can admit when he's wrong.

    23. Oh, and he can do this thing to your ass that'll make your eyes water.

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