26 Times Christopher Walken Totally Won "Peter Pan Live!"

    *Hook bump*

    1. When his necklace collection was beyond flawless.

    2. When he made Smee a little more Jewish.

    3. When this gentleman bent down in front of him and he did this.

    4. When he played a piano note with his hook.

    5. When he busted out these moves in tall boots with bows on them.


    6. When he was shielded by this very necessary pink parisol.

    7. When he stretched.

    8. And when he mentioned his "grander plan" and did this:

    9. And, of course, the first time he forgot his lines.

    10. When he tangoed.

    11. When he had to act scared of this croc person.

    12. When he sipped tea while someone shined his hook.

    13. And then when he forgot his lines again.

    "Peter Pan has found a mother!"

    14. When he figured out a way to play the tambourine.

    15. And when he was still singing minutes into the commercial break.

    16. When he did this to Peter's pan.

    17. And when he once again sang us through the commercial break.


    18. When this was his evil laugh face.

    19. When he "woof"-ed.

    20. And when this was his even eviler evil laugh.

    21. When he mocked Wendy's last words.

    22. And when he took care of business.

    23. When he said what we were all thinking.


    24. When he invented and mastered the hook bump.

    25. And when he left the show on his own terms.

    26. And in style.