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    10 Reasons Rebel Wilson Deserves Better Than "Super Fun Night"

    As much as we all wanted to love the Pitch Perfect star's new ABC comedy, the fact is that Kimmie Boubier is no Fat Amy.

    1. The jokes are not funny.

    2. And on top of being unfunny, they are forced down your throat.

    3. It's full of clichés, which are also unfunny.

    4. It's unrealistic, but not in a fantastic way.

    5. And that applies to Kimmie and her friends, who are naive and socially awkward to an absurd degree.

    -Kimmie is a twentysomething American (more on that later) woman doesn't know what "friends with benefits" means.

    -Her friend Marika goes shopping for a trendy outfit for a night out at a piano bar

    and picks out a piano jumpsuit.

    -Her friend Helen Alice doesn't know that a Long Island Iced Tea is an alcoholic beverage.

    -Kimmie says things aloud to her crush like, "Let me email you the address and a photo of me from five years ago when I was at my physical peak." And, "I'm gonna go now before my boob sweat seeps into my Spanx. When they get wet, they're incredibly difficult to get off."

    6. Speaking of Spanx, there is not one, not two, but three Spanx jokes, the last of which takes up the entire final scene.

    7. And on that note, the show is full of stereotypes about fat people.

    Kimmie runs through the office in search of jelly donuts and then, seconds later, talks about getting her hand stuck in a vending machine. And shortly thereafter, she brings up birthday cake. She also can't climb up on a piano like her thinner counterpart, who later tells her, "You've got the heart of a lion. And the body of a much, much larger lion."

    8. Also, this hand gesture, not once but twice.

    9. The show hits you over the head with the moral lesson of the episode, like, worse than Full House did.

    "The point is, Kendall is all of them. She's all those girls who've held us back and made us feel bad about ourselves. She's the winner and we're always the losers. That's the way the world is. It's not really going to change so come on, let's just go home." -Kimmie

    10. And that accent. Oh, that accent.