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Paid PostPosted on Feb 11, 2014

11 Things We'll Never Be Sorry For

Being thankful and generous is good and all, but sometimes you just have to do what you gotta do. You've earned it anyways. Find out why it's #GoodToBeBad in the F-TYPE Coupe by Jaguar.

1. Spending the extra three bucks to get an HD movie.


Because even if your TV isn't 85 inches wide, you'll still notice the difference. And who doesn't want to see their favorite stars' chin hairs?

2. Adding bacon to that.


That will be better.

3. Overnight shipping.

Studio Ghibli / Via

Sometimes you just NEED to get all seven seasons of Buffy that night.

4. Buying your S.O. a gift that you know is really for you.

5. Socks that make a statement.


Socks that don't have sharks eating your legs off are so last year.

6. Underwear that makes a statement.

Warner Bros. / Via

Even if we all know no one else is ever gonna see it. Sorry.

7. Dropping off your laundry.

Flickr: treydanger

Xeusy (CC BY 2.0)

You have better things to do, like...

8. "Accidentally" Snapchatting your ex photos of you getting close with someone even better looking.

Josh Fjelstad

9. Taking all the space you need on the subway.

Jrwooley6 (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: jordan_wooley

Everyone else knows you had a hard day, right?

10. Overindulging in some carbs every once in a while.

11. Taking a few extra minutes to get ready in the morning.


Because you know what? You're going to look GOOD today.

12. Or, best yet, just hitting snooze and letting everyone else deal with it.