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10 Hideouts We'd Be Happy To Call Home

There are only two things a proper villain needs: a hideaway and a getaway. Turns out those'll do for most of us, too. Find out why it's #GoodToBeBad in the F-TYPE Coupe by Jaguar.

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1. This Charming Log Cabin That's Also a Giant Underground Silo

With its own airstrip and 10 floors up to 185 feet below the surface, the "Silotube" is located in the middle of the Adirondack State Park and just begging to be filled with a nefarious mastermind and all her toys of destruction.

2. This Apartment That Turns Into 24 Other Apartments

MIKE CLARKE / AFP / Getty Images

When architect Gary Chang was faced with Hong Kong's property problem, he said, "No thanks." He turned his 105-square-foot apartment into a "domestic transformer" that can change into 24 different rooms, which would mean 24 different ways for you to conceal your evil plans.

3. This House That Can Make Itself Impenetrable

The "Safe House" is located in Warsaw, and every villain knows Eastern Europe is a great place to start. Top it off with the fact that this bad boy can seal off all its openings, and you've got one hell of a secret hideout.

4. This Ice Fortress (Well, It's an Ice Hotel, But We'll Work With It)

Arctic-Images / Getty Images

If anyone has learned anything this winter, it's that the cold sucks. Use that to your advantage. There's an ice hotel in Sweden that doesn't just offer great health care coverage, but also dozens of rooms you can convert into whatever you want — protected by inches of freezing ice.

5. This Literal Between-a-Rock-And-a-Hard-Place


Aside from being able to make a lot of really "great" Flintstones references and "rock and a hard place" jokes, any villain would find himself perfectly at home between thousands of pounds of stone, and so would you. Plus it's on the Portuguese coast, so there's that.

6. This Entire Underground City in the Middle of the Outback

A place like Coober Pedy in Australia is the perfect place for a questionable character like yourself to settle down. With the surface reaching temperatures over 100 degrees, inhabitants were forced to head underground. Difficult to find and even harder to access, you'd also be sitting on millions of dollars' worth of opal to help fund your future diabolical enterprises.

7. This, or Any Other Island in the South Pacific


There are dozens of islands just sitting around in the South Pacific, waiting for you to drop millions of your questionably earned dollars on. It'll be hard to stop your friends and family from visiting, at least until you tell them about all the sharks... with lasers.

8. This Crazy Rainforest That Has Like One Road

Grant Dixon / Getty Images

Cape York Peninsula makes the rest of Australia look like Tokyo. You could post up in any of the thousands of acres of undeveloped land and probably no one would ever find you until it was too late. It also looks pretty nice.

9. This Luxurious Penthouse That's Also a Big Clock

Corcoran Realty Group / Via

Not every villain is about secrecy. Some like to make a statement. For those dastardly guys with an eye for design, the Brooklyn Clock Tower is really the only way to go. It's got 7,000 square feet of space, a private elevator, and you can gaze out of the freaking clock to plot your next heist.

10. This "Probably the Most Isolated Place in the World"


The island of Tristan da Cunha is commonly referred to as the most isolated place in the world. It's 1,500 miles from the nearest continent, and the only way to access it is by taking a boat from Cape Town, South Africa — and that takes 15 days at sea. It's also got a volcano on it, and that just screams villainous territory.