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13 Things You Didn't Realize Were Bad Manners In Other Countries

Like any Brit, the all-new Jaguar XE is exceptionally well-mannered. Here are some international faux pas to help you remain composed in any situation.

1. In Venezuela, it's considered rude to show up early or even on time.

2. In Italy, it is considered a faux pas to drink a cappuccino after a meal.

3. In Mexico, it's considered rude for a waiter to bring your bill before you ask for it.

4. Don't give knives, scissors, or other sharp objects as gifts in the Netherlands.

5. In Japan, it's best never to place your chopsticks upright in rice.

6. In some places such as India, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and Africa, it might be best not to eat or pass food with your left hand.

7. Don't pour your milk in before your tea in England.

8. In France, it's bad luck to cross over someone else's drink as you are toasting.

9. In Canada, it's customary to take your shoes off when you enter someone's home.

10. In China, one should probably avoid giving a gift with the number four in it.

11. In Samoa, it's considered rude to refuse food.

12. In Denmark, one should never take the last of any food item off of a plate.

13. In China, it's best to leave food on your plate as a gesture of gratitude toward your host's generosity.

The all-new well-mannered Jaguar XE.