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5 Things To Consider For Your New Year’s Plans

New Year’s Eve is, as many people will put it, the start of something new, a new era, a new life, or simply a new year. As we are fast approaching the end of 2016 we are slowly but surely getting used to the idea of spending the entire month of January still writing “2016” when we are asked for the date. No matter how you approach it, New year’s is always a special night, however many people seem to be disappointed by the party they attend, or just the night in general. Here is a list of 5 things that you should do to avoid being disappointed by New Year’s.

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Don’t try to do everything

If you are going to try and see all the events your city has lined up for New year’s you are most likely going to spend the entire night in a cab and miss the best moments…

Plan for transportation

Unless the party is at your own place you must plan for transportation, looking for a cab on NYE is one of the worst ideas you could have, except if you like waiting and paying surges.

Invite your friends

Make sure you are well surrounded with people you know and love. Don’t make an appearance at a party just for the sake of it. But of course don’t go and avoid meeting new people!

Events, Venues, and Ragers!

Get started on looking for the perfect NYE party by checking out Facebook events, such as "A White New Year's Eve"! To do so, it's as simple as raising your glass to the coming year! Just click "Via Facebook: events" down below, and you're all set. May 2017 be in your favor.

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