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17 Genius Small-Space Garden Ideas

A little green thumb goes a long way.

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1. Plant your herbs together.

A one-pot spice rack will save lots of room and digging through the cupboard.

2. Make a self-watering planter out of old water bottles.

Instead of large planters that require wide trays on the bottom.

3. Make a kokedama.

These plant balls can be placed anywhere with direct sunlight and fit in the palm of your hand.


4. Upcycle leftover tins into makeshift planters.

Use an old tea tin and it looks better than a terracotta pot.

5. Hang plants from the ceiling.

No need for giant macrame hangings; smaller air plant containers can do the trick.

6. If the ceiling isn't an option, post them on the wall.

Create a jungle corner!

7. Group smaller plants together for a garden menagerie.

8. Put them in the bathroom.

Spider plants, bamboo, and ferns are great for bathrooms since they thrive in humid climates.

9. Do it for the vine!

Hanging vines not only green up your space, they create natural art for your boring apartment walls.

10. Use plants as book ends

Plants that only need low light can double as bookends and brighten up your shelf.


12. Invest in plants that have a small footprint and grow up, instead of out.

13. Get a tiered plant stand to maximize space.

15. Make a terrarium.

Basically any clear container can be a terrarium. Make one out of a mason jar with a lid to keep meddlesome pets at bay.

16. Mix it up.

Combine plants of different colors, textures and heights to make a small pot seem more elaborate.