33 Nautical DIYs That Will Transport You To The Beach

Ahoy, crafter!

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1. Upcycled Ship Helm Wreath

Katie Nathey / Via

Learn how to make one here.

2. Maritime Knot Gift Bow

Paper Source / Via

See all the steps here.

3. Anchor Sweatshirt

Hey Birdfriend / Via

Check out all the steps here.

4. Nautical Glasses

Plaid / Via

Learn how to make your own set here.

5. Upcycled Shark

JohnBirdsong / Via

Check out more dangerous beach decor here.

6. Beach-inspired Mini Terrarium

Pondered Primed Perfected / Via

Learn how to bring the beach inside here.

7. Jellyfish Lanterns

Check out all the steps here.

8. Polymer Clay Coral Jewelry and Hairpins

Stéphanie Kilgast / CC BY-NC-ND / Via Flickr: _sk


Learn the technique here.

9. Nautical Rope Mirror

Kelly Rinzema / Via

See the full tutorial here.

10. Floating Coral Shelves

Wisteria / Via

Buy them here.

11. Driftwood DIY

DIY Driftwood / Via

Learn how to turn ordinary sticks into driftwood here.

12. Nautical Mason Jar Lanterns

Tara / Via

Learn how to light it up those seaside nights here.

13. Faux Coral

Ama / Via

Can you believe this is made with wire and hot glue? See how they did it here.

14. Compass Side Table

See how they made it here.

15. Sea Shell Wall Art

OMearasCottageCharm / Via

Get inspired to create your own here.

16. Nautical Lamp Makeover

Amy Allender / Via

See how to upcycle your least favorite lamp with a nautical twist here.

17. Nautical Rock Souvenirs

Susanna Blaavarg for Sweet Paul Magazine / Via

Learn how to make these tiny beach memories here.

18. Sand Flower Pots

Vivienne / Via

See the full tutorial here.

19. Rope Knot Surprise Dog Toy

Heidi / Via

Learn how to keep your furry friend occupied this summer here.

20. Crocheted Anemone Ring

cristinamartins / Via

Buy one for your favorite mermaid here.

21. DIY Rustic Sailboat

Get ready to sail away here.

22. Nautical Storage Bin

Kim Six / Via

Make your own nautical-inspired storage solution here.

23. Rope Placemat

Tara Dennis / Via

See all the steps here.

24. Flowerpot Light House

Jonathan Fong / Via

Light up your yard here.

25. Starfish Wall Arrangement

Becki / Via

Try to make your own night under the star (fish) here.

26. Sea Fan Art

Bring the beach home here.

27. Jellyfish Pin

necocoa / Via


Learn how to make yours here.

28. Pallet Swing Chair

Mandi Tremayne / Via

See how to make your own here.

29. Knotty Bubbles Sconce

Linsey Adelman / Via

Get inspired by bubbles here.

30. Nautical Wall Art

Melissa / Via

See the full tutorial here.

31. Personalized Maritime Signal Flags

Kim Six / Via

Maritime flags represent letters and numbers, this artwork spells out “Josh”. Learn how to make your own personalized set here.

32. Nautical Wreath

Learn how to welcome everyone aboard here.

33. Beach-themed Gel Candle

SanDiegoGelCandles / Via

Learn how to make your own here or buy one here.

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