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    Here's The Perfect "Star Wars" DIY For Your Dinner Table

    Happy May the Fourth!

    May the Fourth is upon us!

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    And if you're a true Jedi, you're going to celebrate with a big meal and movie marathon.

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    The perfect addition to your Padawan feast? A DIY charger plate:

    Jada Young / Via BuzzFeed

    Here's what you need to make it:

    • 1 black charger plate

    • 1 silver Sharpie marker

    • Tape

    • Scissors

    • X-acto knife

    Paper snowflake pattern

    And here's a step-by-step guide:

    Jada Young / Via BuzzFeed

    1. Print and cut out your favorite Star Wars template design.

    2. Center your template and tape down the edges.

    *Pro tip: Watch this video before you cut out the template, it helps a lot.

    Jada Young / Via BuzzFeed

    3. Trace your design with the Sharpie.

    4. Remove the template and touch up any areas.

    *Pro tip: Trace slightly outside the template so the ink doesn't bleed through the paper onto the plate.

    You can make a Yoda version too:

    Jada Young / Via BuzzFeed

    Along with ewoks, scout troopers, and lots more.

    Awaken the Force all up in your meal!

    Jada Young / Via BuzzFeed

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