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18 Living Nightmares For People Who Shed A Lot Of Hair

Srsly, your hair is everywhere.

The average human sheds between 50โ€“100 strands of hair a day.


But for you it always feels like SO MUCH MORE. This is your living hell.

1. Coming across a knot.

Paramount Pictures / Via

You know you're better off just cutting it out.

2. Hair looks purposefully woven into the fibers of your clothes.

Universal Television / Via netflix

This sweater is 80% cotton, 20% me.

3. You cannot touch another human being without getting hair all over them.

Warner Brothers / Via

You are the reason travel-size lint rollers exist.

4. You keep getting poked in the eye by that one hair you can never find.

Screen Gems / Via

5. A lover runs their fingers through your hair and takes a handful with them.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Oh, you didn't want an instant Chewbacca manicure?

6. Someone asks to borrow a brush not knowing it's so full of hair it looks like a small animal.

BBC / Via

Use every excuse you have until they go away!

7. Just looking at your hairbrush (aka "the graveyard").

Fox / Via

Your industrial strength brush has laid to rest many a stray.

8. You most certainly have developed carpal tunnel from all the brushing.

Disney / Via

"Sorry, I can't hang out today. I have to brush my hair, then ice my wrist."

9. When you accidentally touch your hair after styling it.


Did I shake anything loose?

10. Waking up and realizing you can donate your pillow to make wigs.

E! Entertainment Television / Via

11. Cleaning out the drain and discovering what is surely a child's ponytail.

MTV / Via

The stuff horror movies are made of.

12. When you think there is a bug crawling on you, but it's just a hair.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

Which is true 99% of the time.

13. When you realize no matter where you eat, there is ALWAYS hair in your food.

NBC / Via

And it's always yours.

14. Hanging out at a friends house and everyone can easily spot your hair all over the place based on the color.

Disney / Via

15. When your pets have more of your hair on them than their actual fur.

Chronicle Books / Via

They could start their own wig line. Barkuel Welch, maybe?

16. When you're daydreaming and are inadvertently left with spool of hair around your finger.

17. When you go to your hairdresser and they jokingly point out all your hair on the floor before they even get started.

Weinstein Company / Via


18. Every time someone says, "The stress from losing your hair just makes more hair come out."

Marvel Entertainment / Via

Can't you see that stresses me out more?!

But you just keep smiling and let your freak flag (very gently) fly.


There is plenty more where it came from.

Thumbnails via Flickr / Creative Commons: twilightjones, Kerri Lee Smith, Robin Howe