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    19 DIY Easter Eggs That Don't Require Actual Eggs

    Because who really wants to eat all those hard-boiled eggs?

    Jenny Chang / Via BuzzFeed

    1. Easter Egg Bath Bomb

    Sara / Via

    A must-have for adult Easter baskets everywhere.

    Get the directions here.

    2. Emoji Eggs

    Jada Young / BuzzFeed

    These foam eggs are keepin' it 💯 % crafty!

    3. Easter Egg Oreo Truffles

    Ali Ebright / Via

    With only four ingredients and just 30 minutes to make them, how can you say no?

    Get the full recipe here.

    4. Easter Egg Fabric Card

    Alex Katschilo / Via

    With a few scraps of ribbon and fabric, you can create a whole series of cards for friends and family.

    See how they make them here.

    5. Paint Chip Egg Garland

    Modern Parents Messy Kids / Via

    A super easy and basically free way to dress up your home for the holiday.

    Get directions here.

    6. Embroidery Floss Covered Eggs

    Lucy Atkins / Via

    Rainbow colors you won't be able to get with traditional egg dye.

    Learn how to make there here.

    7. Antiqued Silver Eggs

    Kathy Lewinski / Via

    These silver gilded eggs can be displayed all year long.

    Get the directions here.

    8. Easter Egg Felt Board

    Jennifer Cooper / Via

    No-mess board with designs as infinite as your imagination.

    See how to make it here.

    9. Easter Egg Puzzle Cookies

    So technically these require two eggs to make, but you can use pre-made sugar cookie dough and skip them all together!

    Get the recipe here.

    10. Game of Thrones Dragon Eggs

    AvantiMorocha / Via

    The mother of all Easter eggs! (Dragons not included.)

    Watch how she does it here.

    11. Egg-Shaped Yarn Wreath

    Lisa Longley / Via

    Yarn + glue + small balloons = Welcome to Easter!

    See all the steps here.

    12. Paper Egg Garland

    Helena Söderberg / Via

    Use fun scrap paper to make 3D decor.

    Find all the steps here.

    13. Wooden Watercolor Eggs

    Modern Parents Messy Kids / Via

    Vibrant liquid watercolors and easy clean-up make this project kid-friendly. And it even comes with toddler activities once the holiday is over.

    See how they made them here.

    14. Wired Easter Eggs

    Mette Jakobsen / Via

    A sophisticated way to show your Easter spirit.

    Get the directions here.

    15. Matisse Cut-Out–Inspired Eggs

    Jada Young / Via BuzzFeed

    Three easy steps make this super-unique, museum-worthy egg art.

    See the full tutorial here.

    16. Pom-Pom–Covered Egg

    Jada Young / Via BuzzFeed

    Who cares what's inside?! Look at all those poms!

    17. Pokémon-Inspired Eggs

    Jada Young / Via BuzzFeed

    It's hard not to Pika-choose these for your Easter basket.

    18. Washi Tape Egg Cards

    Only a few supplies are needed to make these bright and festive cards.

    Learn the steps here.

    19. Russian Nesting Doll Eggs

    Jada Young / Via BuzzFeed

    You'll have to go through two layers of cuteness to get to any candy, but it's totally worth it.