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This Guy Built A TARDIS In His House And We're Totally Jealous

Is this real life? Please say yes!

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Jayman White is from the countryside of Sunshine Coast Australia.

Jayman White / Via

When he's not recreating the inside of the greatest time-space travel machine the universe has ever seen, he works part-time in construction with his father, and as a barista/bartender the rest of the time.

It took a year to finish in between working overtime at a cheese factory and a busy social life.

Jayman White / Via

When asked what made him decide to build it, he said "the Doctor's console room has always inspired me, so I was already eager to build one."

Some of the gadgets on the control panel are over 50 years old.

Jayman White / Via

He says, "I got the bulk of the controls from the parts shed at the cheese factory I worked at. All for free haha. Very lucky. Otherwise, thrift shops and junkyards."