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20 Cats Who Are Completely And Utterly Done With You

"Ugh, can you not?"

1. "Give me some space, dammit!"

2. "Cute. Reeeeeeeal cute..."

3. "You're not funny. You know that right?"

4. "Girl, bye!"

5. "Oh you're just gonna stay on the naughty list, huh?"

6. "I believe my sister said to keep it moving, buddy."

7. "Just wait till you go to sleep."

8. "Those asshole kids better stay off my lawn today."

9. "Come at me."

10. "What. Did. I. Tell. You?"


12. "Oh, I'll show you crazy!"

13. "I said no pictures!"

14. "You want a piece of this, too!"

15. "I know what you said about me."


17. "Back the hell up off me."

18. "This don't concern you, Randy!"

19. "Who said I was angry?"

20. "I will destroy you."

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