19 Ingenious Ways To Decorate Your Small Space

    Get creative with those nooks and crannies.

    1. Fabric Letter Wall Decals

    2. 3D Wall Art

    Feel free to get creative when you lack surface area on your walls.

    Geometric styles here and animal styles here.

    3. Hardcover Book Frames

    4. Corner Photo Collage

    5. Washi Tape Frames

    6. Painted Focal Wall

    Bold paint choices can make a large impact on small spaces.

    Retro diamond style here and wood shim style here.

    7. Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

    8. Fabric Wall Hangings

    The beauty of custom wall hangings is you know they will fit perfectly.

    Batik dye version here and yarn version here.

    9. Mirrored Wall Art

    And the mirrors help the room look larger, which is a bonus.

    10. Vertical Accent Design

    11. Fiber Wall Art

    Add beauty and texture to your space with a few quick knots.

    Sisal version here and d-ring version here.

    12. Electrical Wire Wall Art

    Sometimes it's harder to hide cords than to show them off. If you like this look, then check out the basics for making your own here.

    13. Framed Map Tiles

    14. Secret Furniture Art Frame

    15. Reused Cardboard Display

    16. Vertical Wooden Slat Wall Art

    Use vertical space to bring any room together, from the kitchen to the nursery.

    17. Wooden Arrow Wall Art

    18. Clipboard Wall Art

    By just printing out a few of your favorite images, supplies can lend a hand outside the office.

    Corkscrew version here and family-friendly version here.

    19. Faux Stain Glass Window Art

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