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    21 Times Dorothy From "Golden Girls" Was The Most Savage

    A national treasure, tbh.

    1. When Dorothy had absolutely no issue hurting Blanche's huge-yet-fragile ego:

    2. On more than one occasion:

    3. When Sophia had no filter and Dorothy had to shut her down:

    4. And when her patience wore thin, she didn't bother with excuses:

    5. When she sought revenge on Rose for giving her the flu:

    6. When Rose asked Dorothy a pressing question:

    7. When she didn't take well to being told what to do:

    8. When Dorothy and Sophia were constantly going back and forth:

    9. When Blanche wanted to keep the housekeeper who helped her with her sexual endeavors:

    10. When Dorothy's ex-husband, Stan, and his charming brother came to visit, and he expected a similar, happy greeting from Dorothy:

    11. And she had no problem telling her ex how she really felt when he came around:

    12. Even when he was seeking compassion, she always made sure she got a few punches in:

    13. When it came to passive-aggressive insults, Dorothy had no problem delivering a sarcastic comeback:

    14. And the majority of insults were based on her taller, broader figure:

    15. However whenever the girls found themselves in a tight spot, Dorothy felt no shame in utilizing her stronger physique to save them from trouble:

    16. But honestly, no part of her body was ever shown mercy:

    17. When Dorothy found things all too coincidental:

    18. And of course, when their house was broken into and Dorothy was in no mood to deal with Rose's imagination:

    19. But let's not deny that all Dorothy really needed to do was give a "look" that said more than any comeback could to convey her impatience:

    20. Or her frustration:

    21. Or just how absolutely done she was with the idiocy:

    22. But at the end of the day, the girls just wouldn't be the same without each other, and in this case, Dorothy's level-headed personality hilariously conveyed to balance out the group.

    23. What else can we say except, "Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a friend."

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