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    The One Thing You Never Noticed In "Parks And Rec"

    Pawnee forever.

    Parks and Rec is hands down one of the best TV shows ever.

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    *makes waffles*

    But there is a tiny little detail you probably never noticed before.

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    And it's adorable, so brace yourself for feels.

    So, in the episode where Leslie announces her campaign for city council, Ben gives her a campaign button in a little red box.

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    Because even though they have to break up he supports her and her dream.

    Then, when Ben is offered a job in Washington D.C., Leslie encourages him to go by giving him a tiny replica of the Washington Monument. AND SHE PUTS IT IN THE SAME LITTLE RED BOX!

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    He encouraged her to follow her dream; now she does the same for him.

    And then when Ben surprises Leslie and proposes, HE PUTS THE ENGAGEMENT RING IN THE LITTLE RED BOX!

    NBC / Via

    The first two times meant them being apart in some way. This time it brings them together forever. Too perfect.

    Relationship goals <3

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