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The new Popbar Charlotte is all the rave right now in the NoDa Area!

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Popbar Charlotte!

Welcome back fellow foodies! It is the second week of my new blog and I have something very SWEET to tell you!

Over the weekend I visited, not once, but twice (how embarrassing) to Popbar in the NoDa Arts District of Charlotte. The NoDa area is probably one of my favorite places to eat and visit, whether it is to a new restaurant that had just opened up, visiting a bar with a group of my friends, or just for a casual stroll through the streets, there is ALWAYS something to do there. But once I heard and saw pictures of the Popbar, I HAD to see what all the hype was about.

Of course, I brought a few of my friends along to try out the different ice cream bars, but once we got there to choose which bar we wanted, it turns out it was no ordinary ice cream shop.

You are able to pick between PopGelato, PopSorbetto (sorbet), or a YogurtPop which all come in different flavors! Me, being a caramel and chocolate lover, I chose and decorated the best-looking pop around. A Dulche de Leche gelato popped, half dipped in milk chocolate with a dark chocolate drizzle, topped with caramel corn topping... I mean just look at it! If you aren't a chocolate lover like me, you can also get a strawberry yogurt pop as well as a fruit sorbet pop!

To give an exact price (considering I visited twice in one week), the bars are only about $5.40 with an option to leave a tip!

If i wanted to rate the customer service and quality of food on a scale of 1-10, both categories would land a 10!!

Here is a link to main website of the shop, and with locations all around the world and the United States, there is no excuse not to take a visit! Check it out!

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