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13 Ways To Save Water In Garden

In this small post, I have discussed 13 effective ways to save water in garden

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1. It is important that at the time of watering do it at night or first thing of the day, to avoid the Garden water.

3. Placing systems of exploitation of fluvial water and reuses the rainwater, You can use drums or a cistern.

4. Use the hose only if necessary to clean an area and do not leave it open all the time or use it like a broom.

5. Use showers

It is not always necessary to use hoses or sprinkler irrigation. With the showers or other traditional containers, it is possible to keep the garden, or at least some group of plants, in perfect condition.

7. Another recommendation when choosing the plants you have in this previous entry.

8. Divide the garden into irrigation zones. Some plants need more water than others. Water each zone independently, depending on the needs of each group: dry zone, wet zone and intermediate zone.

10. Avoid evaporation with bark or mulch. If they are put in the base of the plants, the irrigation that they need is smaller, because they conserve enough the water.

11. Adjust the sprinklers.

It is often seen how the sidewalks or the roads are wet because when the sprinkler moves, the water leaves the gardens. If they are placed so that the water only falls in the irrigation area, this will be much more efficient and will save many liters. In addition to placing them well, you have to regulate the amount of water they give to prevent some plants from becoming soaked.

12. Eliminates weeds since they are great competitors for water.

13. Limit the use of lawn to the real needs. The part that more water is carried is the lawn you can make a spectacular garden without much grass. There are also some types of grass that are drought resistant and need less water

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