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How To Get Ready For A Date According To Sasquatch

Think YOUR nerves get bad right before a date? Well, if Sasquatch can do it, so can you. Here are some Sasquatch-approved dating tips, brought to you by Jack Link's.

1. Maybe catch up on your beauty sleep.

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A quick power nap will work wonders.

2. Or take some time to just relax.

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Catch up on some TV or something, it'll help calm your nerves!

3. Get some good physical activity in as well.

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This will help clear your mind after that nap!

4. Afterwards, reward yourself with a small snack.


Just try not to overdo it.

5. Time to get ready. Choose something fabulous to wear!


This is a great way to express yourself. Don't hold back!

6. Take all the time you need to make sure you look stunning.

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The beauty is in the details, right?

7. Now for the big event: Try not to seem too excited when you see your date!


You don't want to make the wrong impression, or scare your date.

8. Hopefully you two have something fun planned.


Feel free to pull out some of those dance moves you've been holding back!

9. Don't be afraid to go somewhere romantic.


Nothing beats a sunset near the water!

10. Be a good listener and laugh at everything.

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This will help your date relax and open up more around you.

11. Afterwards, celebrate how awesome the date was!

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Well done, you're totally gonna get a second date!