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18 Kids Who Are Too In Touch With Their Wild Side

We've all heard the saying, "You are what you eat." Well there is no doubt that these kids eat Jack Link’s Beef Jerky for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Only the bravest toddlers feed their wild side like this adventurous lot!

1. This future Veteranarian who knows no boundaries.

2. This toddler who is literally too wild for your constraints.

3. This wild child who is playing Duck, Duck, Goose by his own rules.

4. This future hippie who is already one with the Earth.

5. This tasty toddler who is probably wishing they made mints for camels.

6. This homeowner whose only house rule is that there are no rules.

7. This grabby baby who doesn't get why he looks so hairy in this funny mirror.

littlesisblog / Via

8. This girl who was just blindsided by her dinner.

9. This kid who now has serious trust issues.

10. This brave babe who's looked fear in the face so many times he's bored with it.

11. This titan-tot who doesn't know her own strength.

12. This little dear, who thinks she's a little deer.

13. this rough rider who doesn't have time for your silly bike rack.

14. This gullible guy who's done listening to his older brother.

15. This wild wild westerner who should have been holding on tighter.

16. This taunting toddler who underestimates a monkey's desire for the new iPhone.

17. This laughing little lady who can't tell if she's being kissed, cleaned, or snacked on.

MsJadensDad / Via

18. This troublemaker who had the pants scared right off of him by H2O.