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15 Wildest Office Pranks

Feeding your wild side doesn’t have to stop just because you’re an “adult” with a 9 to 5 job. Make every day interesting with one of these wild office pranks. Once you've pulled off these pranks like a champ, reward yourself by feeding that insatiable wild side with Jack Link’s Beef Jerky!

1. If you snooze you lose... your chair, your dignity, and maybe a couple of teeth.

2. Wrapping anything in bacon makes it classy, why should a computer mouse be any different?

3. Sticking with the food theme...investing in a Jell-O mold goes a long way! Think of the endless possibilities!

4. Wrapping up your co-worker's desk in foil is cost-effective and keeps things fresh.

This also works for holidays and other special occasions.

5. Turn a trip to the bathroom into a deep sea adventure with the contents of a fishbowl.

6. Does your work neighbor spend the day making distracting personal calls? Make them work for it.

7. Make your co-worker go wild by sending them a cutesy picture.

8. If your boss isn't one to go wild, bring the wilderness right to his fingertips.

9. Take wild measures to teach a forgetful co-worker a lesson in taking notes.

10. Turn a cubicle into a tropical destination. All you need is an origami book and a lot of spare time.

11. Make any co-worker feel special with a personalized balloon pit!

Or just brighten the whole office's day!

12. Wrapping a co-worker's car in plastic wrap is just another way to say "I LOVE YOU, NEVER LEAVE ME!"

13. Got a co-worker that's wild about a celebrity? Show your support by turning their desk into a shrine.

14. Think of the wild documents that will result from this simple prank!

15. And of course... the classic wild bear in the cubicle prank.