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15 Wildest Office Pranks

Feeding your wild side doesn’t have to stop just because you’re an “adult” with a 9 to 5 job. Make every day interesting with one of these wild office pranks. Once you've pulled off these pranks like a champ, reward yourself by feeding that insatiable wild side with Jack Link’s Beef Jerky!

1. If you snooze you lose... your chair, your dignity, and maybe a couple of teeth.

2. Wrapping anything in bacon makes it classy, why should a computer mouse be any different?

For a longer lasting and less greasy alternative, try Jack Link's Beef Jerky!

3. Sticking with the food theme...investing in a Jell-O mold goes a long way! Think of the endless possibilities!

Chris Chan / Via Flickr: crazytales562

4. Wrapping up your co-worker's desk in foil is cost-effective and keeps things fresh.

This also works for holidays and other special occasions.

5. Turn a trip to the bathroom into a deep sea adventure with the contents of a fishbowl.

Ian Murphy / Via Flickr: malico

Don't limit your office pranks to desks and cubicles. Bathrooms and other public spaces are always fair game.

6. Does your work neighbor spend the day making distracting personal calls? Make them work for it.

Matt Reinbold / Via Flickr: furryscalyman

7. Make your co-worker go wild by sending them a cutesy picture.

8. If your boss isn't one to go wild, bring the wilderness right to his fingertips.

wetwebwork / Via Flickr: wetwebwork

9. Take wild measures to teach a forgetful co-worker a lesson in taking notes.

bhenak / Via Flickr: bhenak

10. Turn a cubicle into a tropical destination. All you need is an origami book and a lot of spare time.

Abigail Batchelder / Via Flickr: abbybatchelder

Perfect for a co-worker who's afraid of birds.

11. Make any co-worker feel special with a personalized balloon pit!

Henry / Via Flickr: disterics

For a wild spin on a classic, try balloon animals!

Or just brighten the whole office's day!

Jake Sutton / Via Flickr: jakesutton

12. Wrapping a co-worker's car in plastic wrap is just another way to say "I LOVE YOU, NEVER LEAVE ME!"

Mark DeVries / Via Flickr: mark_devries

13. Got a co-worker that's wild about a celebrity? Show your support by turning their desk into a shrine.

Christian Heilmann / Via Flickr: codepo8

14. Think of the wild documents that will result from this simple prank!

Chris Harrison / Via Flickr: cdharrison

15. And of course... the classic wild bear in the cubicle prank.