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12 Things Only Totally Stubborn People Will Understand

Let the feud begin.

1. You always, ALWAYS get the last word.

2. When it's time to bring in groceries, you have, like, four bags on each arm because you refuse to make more than one trip.

3. You know one of the greatest feelings in the world is proving a point.

4. When it comes to driving, you'll follow the route you think is right, even if someone gives you better directions.

5. You go into a rage when a customer at work tries to tell you how to do your job or gives some “expert” opinion.

6. The best way to get you to do something is for someone to tell you that you can't.

7. You've perfected the art of the cold shoulder.

8. You use the phrase "agree to disagree" almost daily.

9. Sometimes you stay arguing for so long you forget what your original point was.

10. You probably won't admit you're wrong until several years after the fact.

11. It kills you inside when your friend gets to pick the movie for "movie night."

12. There are two kinds of people in your life: people who agree with your opinions and "haters."

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