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What’s The Cutting Quality Standard Of Table Plasma Cutting Machine?

This article is from SteelTailor blog: There are five reason decide cutting quality of table plasma cutting machine.They are the cutting width,the surface roughness, heat affected area ,the square of the edge and the slag. Table plasma cutting machine width of incision.It is one of the most important reason decide the cutting quality. It also reflects the radius of the smallest circle that CNC cutting machine can cut.It is measured by the widest width of the incision.The kerf width of most plasma cutters is between 0.15~6mm.Firstly,too wide incision will not only waste materials, but also reduce cutting speed and increase energy consumption.Secondly. The width of the incision is mainly related to plasma cutting machine nozzle bore diameter. Generally speaking, the kerf width is always larger than the nozzle aperture 10%~40%.Thirdly.when the cutting thickness increases, often need larger nozzle aperture, incision will also be widened.Forth,CNC cutting machine incision width increases,the amount of deformation will increase. CNC plasma cutting machine surface roughness. If the cutting surface is smooth , it will not need to be reprocessed after cutting. CNC cutting machine square of the edge. It is also an important parameter reflecting the quality of cutting, which is related to the degree of re processing after cutting.General: plasma cutitng machine U value is closely related to the thickness and process parameters.Usually in U (1%~4%) = Delta (delta thickness), laser cutting U = 0.5mm. Table plasma cutting machine heat affected area.This indicator is very important for hardened or heat treated low-alloy steels or alloy steels.CNC cutting machine heat affected zone will significantly change the performance near the notch.The width of the heat affected zone of CNC plasma cutting machine is about 0.3mm. CNC cutting machine slag. It is the amount of oxide, slag, or re – solidified material that is adhered to the lower edge of the notch after hot cutting. The rank of slag is usually in terms of “no”, “slight”, “medium” and “severe”. SteelTailor LegendB5II table plasma cutting machine is an economical and powerful plasma cutting and marking machine with quick switch.

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LegendB5II table plasma cutting and marking machine

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