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    11 Ways I've Saved On Groceries That Have Nothing To Do With Lists

    You don't need to eat only top ramen, either.

    It probably comes as no surprise that we're spending more on groceries than pre-pandemic. According to a survey by LendingTree, in the US we're shelling out 17% more on groceries than before COVID-19. Plus, 31% of respondents say they always overspend when at the grocery store.

    After trying a bunch of different tactics, here's what does work, and has helped me save on groceries without following a list:

    1. For about a week every month, I only cook with what I have.

    2. I stagger between "big spend" and "little spend" weeks.

    3. I don't step foot into the market unless I've planned on it.

    4. I cut back on perishables.

    5. And I load up on frozen veggies instead.

    Cubes of frozen spinach in a bowl

    6. I buy generic staples.

    7. I use shopping lists on apps to guesstimate my spend.

    8. Split bulk packs with a friend.

    9. I don't shop when I'm hungry.

    10. Only buy sale items that you were already going to purchase.

    11. Finally, I let myself indulge in a few splurge items.

    What's your go-to money-saving move at the grocery store? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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