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What Manchester United Need To Do To Win The Premier League Next Year

The fat lady has sung, United lost to Spurs and City have are going to win the league. With City15 points ahead, inform and no sign of stopping, it's all over for United - so what can they do to pip win the league next year?

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Sign a Dynamic Centre Midfielder


If there's one thing I got from the game versus Tottenham last night it's that United's midfield need's serious work. But it always has - since Scholes left, Carrick has aged and United have signed NO replacements for either.

Furthermore, the times have changed and no midfield is complete without a fit, strong and powerful defensive midfielder who can anchor from centre of the park and release the more creative players. When Leicester won the league, everyone hailed Kante's impact - he then moved to Chelsea, they won the league and everyone hailed Kante's impact. City has Fernandinho and Fernando, Tottenham has Dembele, Liverpool will have Keita, Bayern has Vidal and Real Madrid has Modric and Casemiro. United need to sign someone!

Why did United sign Matic, at 31 whose legs were on their way out? Why didn't they approach Matuidi, Veratti or Nianggolan?

The summer has to see them focus on signing Nianggolan and court Rakitic, as I think both would add legs, creativity and a control on the ball that would free Pogba who is currently being asked to do a defensive job that he is not suited to, nor capable of.

I wouldn't be unhappy if we went in for Dembele either - as proven last night, he is a powerhouse midfielder who can boss even the best of them.

Play a 4-3-3 System with Overlapping Full-Backs

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Pep's tried and tested way, and I hate to say it, but that's modern football. It worked in Spain, it worked in Germany, it worked in the Champions League and it's worked in England - there's a reason. Focusing on physically fit, fast and well-educated full-backs is a philosophy that allows the front three to move between each other, in 'free roles', making runs from all angles and spaces makes it hard to defend against.

Furthermore, this style of play allows your central midfielders to stay nice and compact, which will allow United to work hard in the right areas of the pitch and not get stretched, chasing the ball in single numbers. It also allows the central midfield to retain possession and look after the ball much better.

However, Valencia will be another year older, Young isn't a full-back let alone a wing back and Mourinho seems to not favour Shaw. There will need to be two-signings for full-backs in the 2018/19 season, and the priority as a minimum has to be the left-hand side - if Alex Sandro is available, he has to be a serious target.

For this to work, there need to be central defenders that are comfortable on the ball and can actually defend. Smalling and Jones cannot do either, which leads me onto my next point...

Sort Out The Defensive Issues

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Smalling and Jones are two of the most overrated and poor-performing centre-backs in United's history. How, since Sir Alex has left have the manager's that have come and gone not recognised their inability to play out from the back and also defend as a unit? Smalling has one of the worst pass completion ratios as a centre back, and he also can't defend. He's always out of position, he has a knack for a mistake and is a liability most games he plays.

Also, what happened to Bailly? He's been injured since time began it would seem and there's no sign of a return. A Rolls Royce defender with the skill and technique of a young Ferdinand, yet seems to always be injured? United should be building a team around him, but that's a distant dream that I feel won't be happening.

In any instance, scouts should be looking at replacements and fast.

Improve Attitudes


Not one player looked like they cared against Spurs. Romelu Lukaku is one of the laziest, overrated players for the amount of money paid for him. Described as a 'small team bully', he's becoming befitting of the title. He hasn't scored a single goal against a top 6 opposition for United this season, and won't do with the attitude he has.

Additionally, they need to sort out Pogba. Every time he has a new haircut, new boots and a new advertising campaign he plays like a Sunday league player and might not as well be on the pitch. I'm glad Mourinho dragged him after 60 minutes because frankly, he was awful. I'd like to see some way of these players having their wages cut for poor performances because neither are living up to their wage or price tag right now.

Additionally, they set a bad example for the younger players - everyone will want to be a star like Pogba; have a huge sponsorship campaign with a pro supplier, a big social media account and celebrity friends, and that provides a negative mindset for aspiring footballers. It's rubbing off on Rashford already - he doesn't work half as hard as when he first broke into the squad and his blasé attitude towards the final third has resulted in three Premier League goals all season!

Sign Pochettino


As proven last night, Poch has implemented a hard-working, slick, attacking style of play that would be becoming of United with the players they have. There is so much pace and strength up front with creativity in midfield and in the likes of match winners such as Sanchez that Poch has the foundations to implement an attacking and high-pressing style of play from the off, hitting the ground running with only needing to make 3/4 signings to complete a squad full of attacking prowess.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate what Mourinho has done for United and the trophies he's won, but his brand of football is becoming archaic versus the likes of Man City, Barca, Spurs and even Liverpool. He won't change, he's too stubborn! But his boring brand of football and lack of a league title will infuriate the fans if this continues into 2018/19.

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