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Real People Tell Us Their Weird Christmas Traditions

Like snowflakes, no two Christmases are the same. Celebrate your weird Christmas traditions with Jack Daniel's. Celebrate joyfully. Drink responsibly. For the facts,

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4. "Every Christmas we buy the saddest looking tree we can…"


"…Because we don't want it to feel bad for being a bit rubbish. I accidentally cut my finger on this one and left a blood trail down the hall to our flat." —Nicky

7. “We all look forward to our mum’s lengthy gift tag inscriptions…”

Getty Images/iStockphoto Robyn Mackenzie

"My mum spends Christmas Eve alone, wrapping presents and looking through old photos. It makes her a bit sentimental, so sometimes the tags get a bit weird.

"Like the above example from last year – from 'Father Christmas'." —James

9. "We couldn't find the star for our tree one year, so my brother topped it with a banana…"

Getty Images/iStockphoto Kenishirotie

"Many years later, we're still skewering the top of our tree with a beautiful banana." —Melissa

10. "Every year we put a celebrity/fictional character we like as our star…"

Murder She Wrote / CBS / Via

"We've had Morgan Freeman, Garth Marenghi, and the Doctor.

"I can't remember the others, but I plan on bringing some gender equality to the tree this year and having Angela Lansbury." —Rossalyn

13. "We send my mum a hideous fake Christmas present ‘from’ whomever can’t make Christmas dinner that year."


"Last year, we got an ugly glass elephant ornament from Poundland and wrote a long note ‘from’ my brother about how it reminded him of her, and how his memory of her Christmas spirit will be ‘as long as an elephant’s’.

"She brings it out whenever he comes over and makes a big show of how much she likes it, and he can’t work out why she’s obsessed with a hideous glass elephant."


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