The Trailer For "One True Loves" Just Dropped, And My Heart Is Racing

    Romance lovers, prepare to swoon!

    This is for all my romance readers and watchers out there. It's time for us to come together as one, because we're about to get our hands on a brand-new adaptation of a best-selling Taylor Jenkins Reid romance novel (Evelyn Hugo hive, rise up!).

    One True Loves, which comes from BuzzFeed Studios and is based on the novel of the same name, is gracing our screens this spring!

    A woman and a man stand shoulder to shoulder, looking out into the distance.

    The film stars Phillipa Soo (rejoice fellow theater lovers!) as Emma Blair, a fun-loving travel aficionado who's living life to the absolute fullest all around the world.

    A woman with dark hair looks up at a man with a tender smile.

    Emma's happily married to her husband, Jesse, played by Luke Bracey. Side note, I would also like to sign up to travel the world alongside Luke Bracey. Your move, universe.

    But sadly, Emma's marital bliss is thrown into disarray after Jesse disappears on a trip. In a shocking twist, Emma receives the devastating news that her husband was on a helicopter that went down over the Pacific Ocean.

    This leaves Emma heartbroken. But after some time passes, she finally feels ready to get back out there and live life to the fullest again.

    A woman cries while clutching her fingers to her face.

    And true to form for all great romances, that's just when she runs into her old friend Sam, played by Simu Liu.

    Soon enough, Emma realizes she can find happiness in her life again, and she and Sam get engaged! True love is real!

    A man and a woman share ice cream cones, laughing.

    But just when you thought one devastating, earth-shattering plot twist was enough...Emma gets the news that Jesse is actually alive!

    A woman watches as police cars approach her.

    And while Emma and Jesse's reunion is sweet and loving, she sadly has to give him the bad news about her and Sam.

    And that's when Emma realizes that she's going to have to choose between her husband and her fiancé. Literally an IMPOSSIBLE decision.

    From left to right, a blonde man sitting on a beach. Then, a dark-haired woman staring off-screen. Finally, a dark-haired man in a clean white shirt, smiling.

    If you, like me, are simply DYING to find out who Emma will choose, then you have to check out the full trailer below! One True Loves arrives in select theaters on April 7 and on digital April 14.

    Watch the full trailer here:

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