12 Moments In "One True Loves" That Reminded Me How Single I Am

    Watching romance movies while single is an extreme sport.

    Like many perpetually single movie lovers, I love nothing better than curling up on the couch with a good old-fashioned romance to set my heart aflutter.

    Most recently, One True Loves, starring Phillipa Soo, Luke Bracey, and Simu Liu found its way into my heart. And by that, I mean that it actually broke my heart (in the best way).

    Two men and a woman stand side-by-side.

    Seriously, warning to all single people out there: watching One True Loves made me painfully aware of how single I was because this movie is, in one (hyphenated) word, swoon-worthy. You can watch it now on digital.

    A married couple dances at their wedding.

    Although, swoons aside (and after I stopped myself from texting my ex) One True Loves also made me realize that being single ain't all that bad. I mean these characters are going THROUGH IT in this movie. Who needs the extra drama?

    A woman and a man stare pensively into the distance.

    Regardless of whether the reminder was good or bad, here are 12 moments from One True Loves that reminded me just how single I really am. I should say, spoilers ahead for One True Loves!

    1. Sam gets "Friend-Zoned"

    2. Jesse's proposal

    3. Marie yells at Jesse and Emma for missing their own wedding

    4. Sam catches his coworkers gossipping about him

    5. Emma leaves Sam

    6. Emma picks up Jesse for their weekend getaway and he looks like THAT

    7. Sam tries to text Emma

    8. Sam stares at the cursed "three dots"

    9. Emma tells Sam how much she loves him

    A couple lies together in bed.

    10. Emma refuses to read romance novels

    11. Sam's "therapy session" with his students

    A class of students listens to a man talk while eating pizza.

    12. Sam's proposal

    Single lovers of romance movies out there, if you haven't already seen One True Loves, this is your sign that you need to watch it! Just bring some ice cream (or maybe even a real-live date!) along with you.

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