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For Everyone Who Wishes They Could Celebrate Halloween All Year 'Round

Because celebrating the weird and wonderful shouldn't just be limited to October.

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For some people, Halloween is a sacred time of year.

Brooklyn-Nine-Nine Gifs

It is a time of year where weirdness, darkness, and being different are celebrated.


For some of us, it's the one time of year we feel we can truly be ourselves.

The beginning of the Halloween season brings out the weirdest parts of us.


But unfortunately, Halloween ends. November 1st comes along and most of the world moves past the holiday for another year.


And the rest of us are sitting here like:


So here's what I'm proposing: Year-round Halloween.



Why should we have to hide who we are to fit in with society?


After all, the wisest woman out there says normal is overrated, so we should probably listen to her.


Aggie Cromwell is QUEEN.

One month to celebrate Halloween doesn't give you nearly enough time to accomplish everything you'd like to.


31 days seems like a lot, until you start trying to cram every spooky activity into a limited time period.

You just want to be able to express yourself twelve months a year...


...Without being judged by everyone around you.


I appreciate you, Marnie.

It's not that you're opposed to other holidays, you just think Halloween and everything that it encompasses is superior.


Growing up, R.L. Stine was your favourite author.


Goosebumps was the best book series, and even as an adult you got so excited when they finally made a live-action movie based on the books.

And forget "Cinderella" or "Miss Mary Mack." You knew this was the only jump rope rhyme that mattered.


Sabrina the Teenage Witch was your childhood idol and you've spent your whole life wishing you could be a witch like her.


Honestly, how cool would it be to use magic whenever for whatever?

And more than once you've thought of seriously attempting witchcraft, because why the hell not.

The Game of Nerds

Witchcraft has been a part of history for centuries, it HAS to exist out there somewhere.

You've also thought about buying a cauldron and using it on a daily basis.


Because wouldn't it look cool af to cook with a cauldron instead of a boring regular pot??

Whenever the 13th lands on a Friday, you get extra excited.


In fact, EVERY Friday the 13th should be celebrated accordingly by honouring the darkness, not just if the day lands in October. Obviously it's a bonus if it's in October though.

And sometimes, in the middle of everyday situations, you get creative and pay homage to your favourite characters.


Sorry not sorry for being funny and creative, it's not my fault you don't get it.

It wouldn't bother you at all if any place's decor looked like this year-round.


In fact, you'd encourage it.

And you think they should keep haunted houses open all year instead of just in October.


You'd definitely be down to visit a haunted house in February.

You're drawn to anything with a Victorian Gothic theme.


Old Victorian homes with antique furniture, Victorian clothing, Gothic literature, Tim Burton movies...

And you know that black is the superior colour.


For everything.


Yes please.

Your go-to look for any occasion calls for smokey eyes and an altogether vampy look.


Dark makeup/clothing is versatile. Why limit it to just the October-November? Slay, queen.

You think all parties are automatically better if they're Halloween-themed.


Tbh, any party ever thrown on a CW show is the kind of party I want to attend.

And Halloween music shouldn't just be limited to October.

Halloween Shindig

"Thriller" should be listened to any time of the year and you know it.

in fact, any song that has even a slightly creepy vibe has got you like:


And don't even get me started on Panic! at the Disco songs.


Brendon Urie is the king of weird shit. And he's sexy no matter what he's dressed as.

Your taste in movies and TV shows is comprised largely of the horror/supernatural genre.


Who doesn't love a good vampire thriller?

And fucked-up storylines like those in AHS are what you live for.


The more fucked-up the better, tbh.

You've seen so many horror movies it takes a lot to shock you anymore.


Scary or funny, horror is still the best genre.

You force your friends and family to watch horror movies and TV shows with you all the time, even when they insist horror movies scare them too much.


Horror is fun!

And you show no sympathy when they have to cover their eyes or turn on all the lights to go to the bathroom afterwards.



Most people are in awe of your iron composure when it comes to all things horror.


Take it as a compliment.

And in turn it gives you a sort of thrill.


You have to be careful around children, often forgetting that just because you were a ~dark~ child, most kids nowadays are sheltered and believe the world is rainbows and unicorns.


Sometimes you honestly wish you could teach more kids to embrace the weird and spooky.


Kids are better off without Hannah Montana and Ariana Grande anyway.

When put in a social situation meeting new people, you have to refrain from introducing yourself like this.


And when you do make a new friend, you have to spend a lot of time carefully scoping out their personality before you reveal your true self.


Only the truest friends get to see your darkest obsessions.

Like the fact that you find Skeet Ulrich's character in Scream oddly attractive.


Never mind the fact that he's a sociopath serial killer.

Because unfortunately, this is the type of reaction you'll get from most people.


Oh, okay.

You can't please everyone.


Different is good.

You actually get amused when people don't recognize your weirdness.


And almost feel the need to let your freak flag fly.


But the greatest feeling is when you find someone else who embraces the darkness and oddness the way you do.


It creates a bond for life.

And the two of you can revel in the world of the spooky together.

The Winchester Family Business

"We can live like Jack & Sally, & have Halloween on Christmas."

So embrace the person you are...


...And remember that you can always go back and visit the worlds where Halloween truly does exist 365 days a year.

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