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For Everyone Who Wishes They Could Celebrate Halloween All Year 'Round

Because celebrating the weird and wonderful shouldn't just be limited to October.

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One month to celebrate Halloween doesn't give you nearly enough time to accomplish everything you'd like to.


31 days seems like a lot, until you start trying to cram every spooky activity into a limited time period.

Whenever the 13th lands on a Friday, you get extra excited.


In fact, EVERY Friday the 13th should be celebrated accordingly by honouring the darkness, not just if the day lands in October. Obviously it's a bonus if it's in October though.

And sometimes, in the middle of everyday situations, you get creative and pay homage to your favourite characters.


Sorry not sorry for being funny and creative, it's not my fault you don't get it.

And when you do make a new friend, you have to spend a lot of time carefully scoping out their personality before you reveal your true self.

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