Don't Worry, Adam Driver Will Still Be On "Girls"

    HBO confirms to BuzzFeed that Driver will be returning for Season 4 of the comedy in the wake of the announcement that he's been cast in Star Wars: Episode VII.

    Girls fans may have been momentarily concerned when Adam Driver, who plays Hannah's (Lena Dunham) boyfriend on the HBO comedy, was officially confirmed as a cast member for J.J. Abrams' upcoming film Star Wars: Episode VII.

    But fret not: Driver's Major Barbara-quoting thespian character will be back for Season 4 of Girls, which began shooting about two weeks ago in New York and will continue to feature Driver's character, Adam, per usual.

    The actor remains a regular cast member on the Dunham-created comedy, which is slated to return in 2015, and "is still a part of this show," an HBO spokesperson told BuzzFeed. Producers of both Girls and Star Wars: Episode VII, which begins shooting in London in May, are said to be working together to sort out the scheduling.