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Hulu Skewers "House Of Cards" In Parody Video

Watch the black and white promo for Hulu's upcoming Tyler Labine comedy, Deadbeat exclusively on BuzzFeed. Yes, it is a parody of House of Cards' atmospheric and smoky trailer.

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You know the House of Cards trailer I'm talking about: that super-atmospheric black and white one where Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), shot from behind, quietly puffs on a cigarette in the dark. It reveals nothing about the plot of the Netflix political drama's second season (which launches Feb. 14), but damn if it isn't moody.

Netflix competitor Hulu now has its own version of the House of Cards teaser, subbing in Tyler Labine for Wright and a powdered doughnut for the cigarette, and there is still a miasma of white fog hanging in the air. Watch the parody video, a bit of guerrilla promotion for the streaming platform's upcoming 10-episode comedy Deadbeat, exclusively below.

Here is Hulu's cheeky take on the House of Cards trailer:

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And here's Netflix's smoky House of Cards promo:

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