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A Janitor On “Parks And Recreation” Listened To Shania Twain For 6 Years

“The best thing about being a woman”

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He was busy listening to it on his stylish yellow Walkman, not realising the whole Parks Department was mourning the loss of a Pawnee legend.

Leslie Knope ended up having to step in to get him out of the room asap. And who has their music that loud while working anyway?


Well, he made a triumphant return in the season seven episode “Leslie and Ron”, where he was just as incompetent.

Because of his loud music, he couldn’t hear Leslie and Ron Swanson banging on the window and shouting for help after getting locked in the Parks Department to settle their differences.


Sure, it did rekindle the workplace proximity association Leslie and Ron had, but it was rude and totally not cool.

But what song was he listening to? Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!”. And on what? The same yellow Walkman.


Season seven is set in the future in 2017, meaning there was six years between the season three episode he rudely appeared in.

That means the janitor has been listening to the same song while working for six years. Sure, we don’t know if he listened to it all the time but the chances of hearing him cleaning away to the country sound of Shania Twain can’t be a coincidence.

So, it seems we’ve been watching a full-on Shania Twain fan cleaning the Parks Department in 2011 and 2017. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but hopefully he’ll be a bit more respectful on his next shift.

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