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    19 Things That Instantly Made Anyone Cooler Than They Actually Were In The '00s

    And the popularity contest begins... now!

    1. You whipped out your lunch box in the cafeteria that was filled with Lunchables, Dunkaroos, and Hi-C.

    @kelbron / Via

    Obviously the pizza Lunchables with the Oreos were the best, but the turkey and cheddar Ritz cracker sandwiches were a close second.

    2. The type of writing utensil you had was key. Super cool kids had mechanical pencils with sparkly gel pencil grips.

    NBC / / Via

    I was the average kid stuck with the classic, old-fashioned yellow pencil that came in your school pack. #Boring

    3. You had Verizon’s enV2 flip phone

    LG / Via

    When people saw that full keyboard you know it became the first item on their holiday wish list. But the really ~cool~ people had the enV Touch.

    4. You only sat in the back of the bus and would play games with nearby drivers.


    Bonus points for anyone who got a truck to honk their horn.

    5. Students knew to clear the halls when they saw you had the latest wheelie backpack loaded with Tamagotchis.

    Getty / Walmart

    They see me rolling, they hating.

    6. You looked like you came from a shopping spree at the mall when the Scholastic Book Fair came to your school.

    Paramount Movies

    You loaded up on stencils, fancy erasers, and bookmarks for the books your parents told you to buy.

    7. Owning Uggs was a shoe-in for popularity.


    And having the off-brand version of the furry boots wouldn't cut it.

    8. During recess, you claimed your territory.


    Every clique has to have its secret meeting area... duh.

    9. Your wrist was filled to the max with Silly Bandz.


    During class you would secretly trade Silly Bandz and whoever had the latest and trendiest pack hit the jackpot.

    10. Oh and if your locker didn’t look like the Property Brothers just gave it a million dollar makeover, you didn’t stand a chance.

    PB Teen

    Having a chandelier = legit locker goals.

    11. Juicy Couture. Period.

    Juicy Couture / Kohl's

    Yeah, you even wore it to P.E. class, didn't you?

    12. Speaking of physical education, you walked into the gym like you were competing in the Olympics.


    Work hard, play hard.

    13. When your teacher hands you your test back and it's covered in smelly stickers.


    Good grades for the win!

    14. Walking into school extremely tired and exhausted because your parents let you stay up 'til 9 p.m. to watch the latest Disney Channel Original Movie.

    Disney / Via

    And you're watching Disney Channel.

    15. The day of your birthday... ultimate queen status.

    Photo by Brian Chan on Unsplash

    The one day you're guaranteed attention — especially if you bring in treats for your class.

    16. You and your friends rolled up to school looking like prom queens from your recent birthday party at Sweet and Sassy.


    I want fabulous that is my simple request.

    17. The smaller you could make your pencil look, the cooler you got.

    Talipcubukcu / Getty Images

    The only way to keep up with the cool mechanical pencil trend was to sharpen your pencil as much as possible.

    18. Secretly checking your Sims account during computer class.

    Entertainment Arts

    *cue pet running away music*

    19. And finally, coming into school with multiple box tops filled out realizing you single-handily won your class a pizza party.

    General Mills

    Or an ice cream party for the 2nd place winners.

    So... can we go back to the good old days where I could hide under the rainbow parachute when things got tough?