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    Viola Davis's Acceptance Speech Gave A Powerful Nod To Her Father And People Are Here For It

    "He had a story, and it deserved to be told, and August Wilson told it."

    Viola Davis won Best Supporting Actress at the Golden Globes for her role in Fences. The actor gave a powerful speech in which she thanked everyone who believed in this work, saying, "It's not every day Hollywood thinks of translating a play to screen."

    She then paid tribute to her father: "And to the original Troy, my father, Dan Davis, born in 1936, groomed horses, had a fifth-grade education, didn't know how to read until he was 15."

    She went on to thank August Wilson for telling her father’s story, and reminded us of the importance of diverse storytelling that reflects a multitude of backgrounds.

    Her words hit home, and people were definitely here for it:

    It brought on all the EMOTIONS:

    And some even called it the "best speech of the night."

    So here's to Viola and the late Dan Davis! Congratulations on helping untold stories be told.

    Watch the full speech here:

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