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    Oct 21, 2016

    People Are Taking Pics With This Mural To Show Which Candidate They Support

    What's it gonna be? #votebuzz

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    This mural on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood is getting people to take a picture and share who they're supporting on election day.

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    If you're in Los Angeles -- go check it out and take a pic!

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    The mural is getting people to take a picture with their candidate of choice and share it, using #votebuzz.

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    The mural went up this week and will remain there until November 9th, 2016. So people have plenty of time to get those last minute election 'grams.

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    And, whether you're #imwithher or #imwithhim, it's pretty dope that it's giving people an easy, fun way to share who they're voting for:

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    PS: #imwithher

    That being said, people have been serving their best "Nasty Woman" in front of it:

    And proudly saying #imwithher:

    This guy is just not having it.

    All fun interactive murals aside though, GET OUT AND VOTE ON NOVEMBER 8TH, PLEASE.