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This Artist Paints With Wine And I’m Drunk Just Looking At It

Bring me some tapas, stat!

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Most artists use oil paints or watercolors to paint, but not Alfonso Aguirre (how could he be basic with that alliteration?). Alfonso is all about painting with WINE.

View this video on YouTube / Via

Red, red wine....stay close to meeee.


It all started as an accident. Alfonso was having his own private "paint n' sip" class at home when his brush ended up in his wine instead of his water glass. And voila! Just like Jesus, he turned water(color) into wine. I mean, kinda sorta. / Via

Look at his fancy wine pots! They look like they belong next to a bunch of succulents in a hipster's home.

Alfonso makes it clear that making wine art is not like making jungle juice for a frat party. It takes hours to mix the color juuuuust right. / Via

And after he's done with one painting, he throws out the rest of the paint and starts fresh! UM, Alfonso, I'd be happy to take the leftovers off your hands for ya.

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