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    Can You Believe!? Seahorses Give Their Partner A Hug Every Morning During Pregnancy.

    They're "fincredibly" supportive. Read on for more true facts about seahorses.

    Are you in search of knowledge? Especially random, fun knowledge about animals that you can throw out into the world? If so, you've come to the right place.

    Introducing our new series, True Facts. To kick things off, here are some true facts about the seahorse:

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    The seahorse was made from the mold of a tiny horse, except they ran out of clay before they got to any of the important parts -- like the parts needed to move.

    The seahorse is not a strong swimmer, rather, it moves around using "an aggressive floating behavior." It can be compared to a human using a restaurant menu to propel them on a skateboard.

    The seahorse looks good from a distance, but weird up a human ear...or dick.

    The seahorse lacks both teeth and a stomach which means it has to eat constantly... I'm kinda jealous.

    The male seahorse gives birth to the young!! The female uses her ovipositer to deposit the eggs into his egg pouch, then the male releases sperm into the water around him and fertilizes it. NATURE IS GREAT.

    Now that you know the deets, let's get to the ROMANCE. Did you know the seahorse like to mate under the light of the full moon, give hugs every day of pregnancy AND sing while they're mating?

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