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Which Kavos Squad Member Are You?

Is a description really necessary?

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  1. What do you predominantly spend your money on?

    Makeup and underwear
    Clothes and eating out
    Anything but I spend all the time
    Just living my life (I always scrape by)
  2. You're at Zizzi's what do you order?

    Spiedini Pollo (hanging skewer of chicken)
    Carbonara (with penne and no herbs)
    Carbonara, lasagna or pollo della casa
    Vegan margarita rustica pizza
  3. What is your alcohol of choice?

    Vodka (or a mojito)
    The cheapest vodka you have please
  4. Which song is YOUR song?

    Mr Brightside - The killers
    Year 3000 - Busted
    Gold Digga - Kanye West
    No Scrubs - TLC
  5. Which holiday would you like to go on?

    2 week Malaysia break (all inclusive)
    2 week Malaysia break (all inclusive)
    A Canadian Road Trip
    A Canadian Road Trip
    Venice city break
    Venice city break
    1 week in Mykonos
    1 week in Mykonos
  6. How patient are you?

    Very patient I give people a million chances
    Not patient at all if you piss me off its bye felicia!
    Not patient (unless they're hot)
    I'm pretty patient, If I get annoyed I don't show it too much
  7. Do you want kids and if so when?

    Yes and early, by the time I'm 28
    Absolutely not, never
    No, but I would have them if my SO wanted them but I'd have to be 30 plus
    I'm quite undecided on this :S
  8. Which guy would you choose from Love Island?


Which Kavos Squad Member Are You?

You got: Izzie

You get angry easily so you make people stressed, But you are a font of knowledge and random facts (e.g. did you know boats from south Africa only frequent the island of Tristan da Cunha 8-9 times per year) this makes you semi useful. Good in a crisis, would do anything for other squad members.

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You got: Hannah

Extremely funny but can be completely heartless with no sympathy. Boys fall in love with you within about 5 seconds and then it takes them 10 years to get over you. You only want who you can't have and lose interest if boys are nice to you. Very good under pressure so great in a crisis situation. Only squad member who knows CPR so lets all hope its not you who needs it.

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You got: Angel

A mysterious enigma. You work 24/7 to afford your ridiculously lavish lifestyle (will only wear Agent Provocateur underwear) Absolutely fashion and beauty QUEEN. Everyone wants your shit. Used to have a heart as cold as ice but has softened in recent years with help from Jack <3. Not afraid to be honest and has a fuzzy core under the glitter exterior.

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You got: Elle

You're too kind for your own good and would do anything for anyone. Very kind hearted but also have a sick sense of humour, Inability to say no to anyone so you let yourself be a doormat but the squad are trying to train this out of you. Loves a night out but can be smashed after 2 drinks due to poor planning and lack of pre party meal #liabilityalert. Must always be protected by the squad.

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