19 Questions About British Children's TV That I've Never Found The Answer To

    Raven walked so that Squid Game could run.

    1. Why did adults ever agree to go on Get Your Own Back?

    dave benson philips and four contestants standing in front of the gunge tank

    2. On Raven, what happened to the kids that failed the Way of the Warrior?

    raven crouching in front of a big lake

    3. And while we’re at it, why were the contestants given bizarre medieval names?

    a raven contestant about to take on the way of the warrior challenge

    4. Why was the policeman always singing and dancing instead of solving crime on Balamory?

    pc plum standing in front of the lake in balamory

    5. How on earth did Taj make £1 million just by selling ringtones on Kerching!?

    taj looking up to the sky in kerching

    6. Could the makers of Big Cook Little Cook really not think of a more original name for Little Cook than ‘Small’?

    Big cook and little cook pretending to mix in the kitchen

    7. And why were they wearing vests in the kitchen?

    8. Was the hell was happening on Boohbah?

    five boohbah creatures

    9. Who came up with the names of the games on Dick & Dom in Da Bungalow, and how were they allowed to air on CBBC?

    dick and dom standing in the bungalow

    10. Why was Neil obsessed with PVA glue on Art Attack?

    neil buchanan drawing in art attack

    11. And why did the creepy talking head have an explicit message hidden in his hair?

    the talking bead from art attack

    12. How did the Teletubbies stream videos through their tummies?

    the teletubbies giggling in teletubby lan

    13. And why was there absolutely no reason or explanation for there being a baby in the sun?

    the sun grinning down on teletubby land

    14. On Bernard's Watch, why didn’t Bernard ever use his ability to stop time for more interesting things?

    bernard looking down at his stopwatch

    15. How did the care home never get shut down on The Story of Tracy Beaker?

    16. And how did Elaine the Pain get away with yelling at the kids all the time?

    elaine from the story of tracy beaker frowning

    17. Could the contestants actually see the Zooks on the Bamzooki table?

    four kids and bamzooki host jake humphrey watching the zooks race

    18. On Chucklevision, why were Barry and Paul always given jobs to do when they were the most accident-prone people in existence?

    paul and barry chuckle standing in a doorway looking alarmed

    19. And finally, how did The Slammer ever get the green light?

    the stage of the slammer, with the audience in front of it

    What British Kid's TV shows left you with questions? Tell us in the comments!