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    If You've Lived In London, You've Probably Had These 17 Experiences

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimised by TfL.

    Living in London is an experience like no other! If you’ve ever lived in the Big Smoke, there’s a great chance that you’ll relate to these 17 things.

    1. Having the majority of your paycheck go on rent...

    2. ...Even though you probably live in a tiny room in a flat-share.

    3. Then spending the rest of your wages on overpriced after-work drinks.

    4. Trying to dodge tourists like the plague in Central London...

    5. ...And getting the pedestrian equivalent of road rage when everyone around you is walking slowly.

    6. Having a love-hate relationship with TfL.

    7. Becoming irrationally angry at people who stand on the wrong side of the escalator...

    8. ...And having your day completely ruined because you missed your bus.

    9. Falling in love with random strangers on the tube.

    10. Knowing damn well that it’s too cold to go out without a coat, but doing it anyway...

    11. ...And making the most of every ounce of the sun, because it’s never around for long.

    12. Feeling horrified when someone tries to talk to you in the street.

    13. Falling asleep on the tube and waking up at the very last stop.

    14. Having heated conversations about what areas actually constitute London.

    15. Cancelling plans because your friends want to meet up North/South of the river.

    karen from mean girls saying "i cant go out, i'm sick"

    16. Genuinely considering moving away to be able to afford somewhere nicer...

    17. ...And then remembering that London really is the place to be.

    Londoners, tell us your favourite thing about the city, and if you're from somewhere else, why not share your fave things about where you live?