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19 Things British People Do When We Go On Holiday

If you don't return with a questionable tan line, did you even go on holiday?

I think it's safe to say that nothing beats a good trip abroad*. And it’s also safe to say that if you’re British, your holidays will most definitely consist of at least a few of these 19 things.

*If you are planning a trip away, make sure you check government guidelines and Covid safety protocols, of course.

1. Pack as if we’re relocating


Why travel light when you can pack all of your life’s belongings? Not being able to close your suitcase and contemplating whether to wear a million layers to the airport is basically tradition. 

2. Speak English with an accent...


Instead of turning to DuoLingo or Google Translate when conversing with a local, chances are we Brits will just speak English with a "local" accent. Whether that accent is distinguishable or not is another story. 

3. ...Or try and string along a sentence with the three words we know

Universal Pictures

When I say I’m bilingual, this is what I mean...

4. And when that fails, we’ll most likely rely on hand gestures


Unfortunately, it doesn’t take all that long for conversations to turn into an unplanned game of charades. 

5. Commit fashion crimes


So many fashion faux pas, so little time. From bum bags and clashing patterns to socks and sandals, Brits really do not hold back. 

6. Drink 24/7

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We Brits are known for our superhuman ability to drink around the clock and we couldn’t be prouder. From morning to night, you can guarantee that whatever we’re doing involves alcohol. 

7. Go to the supermarket to buy English food


Us Brits are creatures of comfort, so chances are we’re going straight to the local supermarket to hunt down some English goodies. Teabags are, of course, top of the list.

8. Sunbathe


If there’s one thing Brits are going to do it’s work on that tan. 

9. Get a tacky memento

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It could be a fake tattoo on the beach, an anklet, a toe ring, or even a beaded hair braid. You name it, we’ve done it all.

10. Get completely lost at least once every few days


Thank God for google maps. 

11. Sunbathe some more


Let’s face it, sunbathing for hours on end is what we do best. 

12. Pass out in the sun...


It happens to the best of us. 

13. ...And wake up with an unfortunate tan line


Did you even go on holiday if you don't return with a questionable tan line? 

14. Eat anything but the local food


Let’s be honest, calamari is as adventurous as it gets. 

15. Find a McDonalds


You can take the Brit out of the Golden Arches but you can’t take the Golden Arches out of the Brit. Best believe we’ll always find a Maccies (and hopefully before the hangover sets in). 

16. Take photos of literally everything

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If you don’t have at least 2000 photos in your camera roll after every trip, something must’ve gone horribly wrong. We take the role of being a tourist very seriously and will most likely try and capture every single moment. It’s unlikely we’ll ever go through the pictures again but at least they’re there. 

17. Revel in the fact that it’s not even half as warm back home


Checking the weather forecast back home and laughing at the fact that your friends are shivering while you’re on the beach is one of life’s greatest pleasures. 

18. Then complain about how hot it is


If there’s one thing Brits are going to do, it’s complain about the weather. Once the novelty of the 30 degree heat has worn off, you can bet we’ll be wishing for rain. 

19. Befriend other Brits


Fortunately, you can spot a Brit from a mile off, so finding a group of people from home usually isn’t all that difficult. Maybe it’s the excessive drinking and questionable accents that give us away… 

Tell us your favourite quintessentially British holiday habits in the comments!