17 Weird Things All British People Do In Supermarkets

    "Unexpected item in bagging area" are the five most haunting words in existence.

    1. Taste all the grapes to find the sweetest batch.

    2. And separate banana bunches to get the best ones.

    3. Chat to every supermarket worker you come across like you’re old friends.

    4. And have full blown catch-ups with acquaintances you randomly bump into.

    5. Make a detailed shopping list beforehand...

    6. ...Only to end up wandering around the store filling your basket with the most random items.

    7. Have a browse through the newspapers, magazines, and books on display.

    8. Constantly forget what aisle everything is in.

    9. Ask staff to "look in the back" for an item even though they’ve just said they’re completely out of stock.

    10. Try to haggle at the fish and meat counters.

    11. Have a cheeky nibble on your groceries while you shop.

    12. Ride on the trolleys.

    kid pushing another kid in a trolley

    13. Head to the shops near closing time to get discounted food.

    14. And fight other shoppers for the best offers.

    15. Leave the queue to grab another item and sprint back to your spot.

    16. Try to get rid of annoying change when you pay.

    17. And get unnecessarily angry at the self-checkout.